Meet the 7GX
Made for motorsport - exclusive to Gpx stream

We have formed an exclusive partnership with Teradek, a leading force in the broadcast industry, to create a device uniquely suited for the motorsport industry and its' stringent demands.

This new device is massively more reliable, greatly improved video quality, and offers a lot more useful functionality for the users. 

7GX uses a more advanced video compression technique (HEVC), which allows much more efficient video streaming, for better quality / lower data usage compared with the previous generation.

Compared with the previous generation Live Camera System, the new system is more robust for vibration and radio interference. We have done several days of testing in an LMP2, F4 and GT environment with no issues from vibration or interference in the cockpit. 

Another major improvement of the new system is that it supports cellular carrier APN switching via the on-device screen—so users can now change SIM card carriers without any intervention from GPX Stream.



Lite Subscription - $45 / month

  • Up to 15 hours of viewing
  • If you exceed your 15 hours of viewing OR at the end of 30 days (whichever comes first), your subscription will automatically renew
  • Limited "à la carte" options

Pro Subscription - $250 / month

  • Unlimited Viewing
  • Two live-stream viewing accounts (for simultaneous, low-latency streaming)
  • Two Verizon SIM cards with 30Gb unthrottled data each
  • YouTube Stream for easy sharing (3s+ latency)
  • Trackside support (at certain events only)

À La Carte Options

SIM Cards

Don't want the hassle of managing your own data plans? We are now offering Verizon SIM cards for use in the United States

Two SIM cards are included in the "Pro" subscription.

  • $70.00 per month, per card
    These data plans are subject to 30Gb (~30 hours of streaming) per month of maximum data usage.
  • Most importantly, these cards are business grade, un-throttled and free of “network management” (up to the 30Gb limit).

    Most retail plans (personal/family plans) are subject to “network management” (reduced speeds), particularly during congested periods or areas such as a crowded race paddock.This is the case for all providers (AT&T,Verizon,T-Mobile...)

    Verizon SIM cards provided by GPX will provide a stronger and more stable connection in most cases. They will also be readily available from GPX and can be activated by our staff on-site (no need to visit a retail store!)

Additional Features

These advanced features are individually priced.
Get in touch to find out more!

  • Additional live stream access logins
    If you'd like additional, ultra-low-latency viewers to watch your video simultaneously, we offer customized pricing. Price is per additional viewer.
  • YouTube Live spectator feed (3+ seconds delay)
    This feature allows you to stream using Youtube Live, and share your your video with the world!

    This is the preferred option for sharing your video with remote viewers like friends and family away from the track.
    Price is per Youtube Live stream, but there is no limit to how many people you can share your Youtube Live stream with.

    N.B. YouTube streams have inherently more latency (3-7 seconds).


Upgrade to 7GX - $3,465

Certain accessories from your previous generation system are compatible with the new 7GX.

By keeping your current modem, antenna, and power harness, you can upgrade your streaming device for less!

New 7GX - $4,745

If you're new to GPX Stream, this is the kit you'll need.

It includes everything you need to start streaming out of the box.

This kit includes: the 7GX device, a 4G modem, external antenna, power harness for VBOX, and roll cage mounts.

Legacy Hardware

Updates to our previous generation products and software

Following a year-long process of research and development, with the collaboration of broadcast and film industry leader, Teradek, we’re excited to offer a new live-streaming service.

This groundbreaking and GPX-exclusive solution was designed specifically for the motorsport industry. We focused primarily on developing an easy-to-use and ultra-low-latency service.

It is more powerful and robust than any other solution on the market, and provides the framework for exciting new features for our clients in the future.

Legacy Services

In order to modernize our services, we're phasing out Skype, to be replaced by CoreTV.

Unlike the previous generation of the Live Camera System, our new streaming offering does not use Skype. We are migrating to uses private dedicated servers, and new software for the video viewing.

As such, what was previously a yearly support package is now becoming a monthly subscription plan.

Customers may choose to keep using Skype, but will only be supported by GPX using the self-serve documentation.

New Services

Your new 7GX devices will now use CoreTV instead of Skype.

CoreTV is a revolutionary, ultra-low-latency video streaming service. We can now accommodate multiple simultaneous viewers of the low-latency feed. We also have provisions for cloud recording (DVR) options, as well as live broadcast to YouTube options.

The software for viewing the ultra-low-latency feed is currently available for iOS devices, as well as Android devices, and Mac OS computers—a version of the viewer for Windows is currently in development.