GPX Stream, in collaboration with Teradek, a trailblazer in the broadcast industry, proudly presents the SMX - a groundbreaking encoder that ushers in a new era of motorsport streaming technology. Expertly designed to surpass its predecessor, the 7GX, the SMX caters specifically to the exacting demands of the motorsport industry.

The SMX elevates reliability, video quality, and user functionality to unprecedented levels. One of the key distinctions between the SMX and the 7GX is the innovative separation of video stream and device control, which are independently managed on the SMX. This allows the video stream to be prioritized, dedicating more bandwidth to deliver a superior streaming experience.

Built with resilience in mind, the SMX has undergone rigorous testing in challenging LMP2, F4, and GT environments, proving its ability to withstand vibration and radio interference in the cockpit. Additionally, the SMX features support for cellular carrier APN switching via the on-device screen, empowering users to change SIM card carriers seamlessly without any intervention from GPX Stream.

Experience the future of motorsport live streaming with the SMX, the cutting-edge successor to the 7GX - exclusively from GPX Stream.



Lite Subscription - $45 / month

  • Enjoy up to 15 hours of viewing time
  • Subscription renews automatically either upon exceeding the 15-hour limit or after 30 days, whichever occurs first
  • Access to select "à la carte" options

Pro Subscription - $250 / month

  • Unlimited Viewing
  • Two live-stream viewing accounts for concurrent, low-latency streaming
  • Two unlimited high-priorty Verizon SIM cards unthrottled data for GPX Stream-dedicated use
  • YouTube Stream for effortless sharing (3s+ latency)
  • On-site support available at select events

À La Carte Options

SIM Cards

Tired of dealing with your own data plans?
We offer Verizon SIM cards for use in the United States
(Global service coming soon!)

  • $70.00 per month, per card, on LITE plan. Included with PRO plan
  • Crucially, these cards are business-grade, un-throttled, and free from "network management" up to the 30GB limit.

    Most retail plans (personal/family plans) may experience "network management" (reduced speeds), especially during periods or in locations with high congestion, such as a crowded race paddock. This applies to all providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile...)

    The Verizon SIM cards offered by GPX typically provide a stronger and more stable connection. Additionally, they are readily available from GPX, and our staff can activate them on-site, eliminating the need to visit a retail store!

Additional Features

Explore our individually priced advanced features.
Contact us for more information!

  • Additional low-latency live stream access logins - $20/month/additional user
    For extra ultra-low-latency viewers to watch your video simultaneously. The price is per additional viewer.
  • YouTube Live spectator feed - $25/month (3+ seconds delay)
    This feature enables you to stream via YouTube Live and share your video with the world!

    Ideal for sharing your video with remote viewers like friends and family away from the track.
    The price is per YouTube Live stream, but there's no limit to the number of people you can share each YouTube Live stream with.

    Note: YouTube streams inherently have more latency (3-7 seconds).


At GPX, we're dedicated to ensuring that all our customers have access to the latest hardware advancements.

We strive to make the upgrade process as seamless and cost-effective as possible for everyone, keeping you at the forefront of motorsport streaming technology.

By maintaining a stable ecosystem of connectors and accessories, you can affordably upgrade to the latest technology.

Upgrade your kit for as little as $1,755

Upgrade from 7GX - starting at $1,755

Most accessories from the 7GX kit are compatible with the new SMX!

By keeping your current modem, antenna, and power harness, you can upgrade your streaming device for less!

If you already own a second-generation global modem, your total upgrade cost is only $1,755

To upgrade both your encoder and modem, your upgrade cost is only $2,420

New SMX - $2,950

If you're new to GPX Stream, this is the kit you'll need.

It includes everything required to start streaming right out of the box.

This kit comprises: the SMX device, a global 4G modem, external antenna, power harness for VBOX, and roll cage mounts.