International Use

The following article will provide step-by-step instructions for configuring the APN settings of your modem so that it will be functional on networks outside of the USA.

This article is available as a video guide by clicking here or at the bottom of this page.

Step 1 - Power up and connections

Before changing the configuration, make sure your device is powered, that your SIM card is correctly installed, and that your SIM card has an active data plan.


Certain SIM cards are sold with a security PIN enabled by default. If you're not sure if this is the case for your SIM card, we recommend inserting the SIM card in a tablet or smartphone first.
If you're prompted to enter a PIN, you will need to deactivate the PIN lock before the SIM card is usable in your Node modem.
To do so, please follow one of the links below for instructions related to your device:

Regional Modems

Modems are region specific, and you must have the correct modem for your region. Modems for different regions are available for sale on our website or by contacting A modem purchased for use in North America will not work in Europe, and vice versa.


  • North America
  • Europe / Asia
  • South America / Australia
  • Japan

 Step 2 - Find the correct APN setting

Next, select the network provider for your SIM card (for example, click on Italy, then TIM)

With your SIM card installed, you will need to find the correct APN to configure.

To do so, please visit
First, choose your country from the list.

Next, choose the correct network provider.

Each cellular provider may have multiple APN settings depending on the use (data only, MMS,...).

Generally, you will need to use the standard APN setting for data use, not MMS, WAP or other configurations.

If in doubt, contact your network provider or visit their website - most providers list APN settings on their support websites.

 Step 3 - Go to Network Setup

With your system powered, and your APN name written down, use the black joystick on the right side of the 7GX encoder, do the following:

  1. Scroll once to the right to access the menu
  2. Scroll down 5 times to highlight Network Setup.
  3. Press down on the joystick to enter the Network Setup menu
  4. Scroll down once to highlight USB Modem
  5. Press down on the joystick to enter the USB Modem screen
  6. With "Auto" highlighted to the right of the "Configuration" label, press down on the joystick
  7. Scroll down once to highlight "Custom" and press the joystick
  8. Wait for the device to return to the "Modem" screen
  9. Scroll down once, then left once to highlight "Setup"
  10. Press down on the joystick to access the "Modem Setup" screen
  11. Scroll down twice to highlight the APN field
  12. Press down on the joystick to access the keyboard and change the value in the field
  13. Using the joystick, scroll left and right through the letters at the bottom of the screen to type the APN value from Step 2.
  14. If you make a mistake, or need to use different characters, use the joystick to scroll up to the backspace character, or the "abc" button to toggle different keyboards.
  15. When you've finished entering your APN value, scroll up once, highlight the OK button, and press down on the joystick to save.
  16. If the APN information from Step 2 includes a Login (user name) and/or password, scroll down to the correct field and repeat steps 12-15 to enter those values as well.
  17. When all your values are correctly entered, scroll left once to return to the "Modem" screen
  18. IMPORTANT When you're back to the modem screen, you must scroll back up to the configuration field. Select it, and set it back to Auto. If the setting is left on Custom, the device will not connect to the internet.
  19. Use the joystick to scroll left until you are back to the main screen.
  20. Power cycle the device.

Video Tutorial