Advanced Support - Performing a firmware reset

The following article will provide step-by-step instructions for restoring your 7GX encoder to factory settings by performing a firmware reset.

In very rare cases, your device may become unresponsive, with a blue light being present in the back of the device, but a blank LCD screen.

These issues are most often encountered when a device is rapidly turned on and off, without it having the time to perform a clean start-up. Like any other electronics, this can corrupt the start-up process, resulting in a "boot loop".

Performing a firmware reset may restore functionality if there are no hardware issues with the device.

If instructed by our support team only, follow the steps below to restore your connection.

We will be attempting two separate operations to bring your device back online.

The first, a soft reset, has a lower success rate, but is non-destructive of the settings and configuration currently on your device. This operation alone can be performed without the assistance of a support agent.

The second requires a full factory reset, which will reset the configuration, settings, and server connection of your device to factory settings.
Once attempted, it will require the active participation of our support agents to reconnect your 7GX encoder and GPX Stream system to the correct servers, and restore access to your stream.

Attempt 1 - Soft Reset

Attempting a soft reset will not reset any of your settings, and will help our support team in determining if the issue is isolated to software, or if there is a potential hardware issue as well.

Start this attempt with the device powered off, either by unplugging the power cable, or turning the power switch to off on the back of the 7GX encoder.

  1. Unplug the USB cable from the top of your 7GX device, as well as the HDMI cable. Ensure there are no SD cards inserted in the front of the device.
  2. Use a paperclip or thin object to push in the reset button on the back of the device, located next to the power switch.
  3. With the reset button still pressed, turn on the 7GX encoder or plug the power back in.
  4. Keep the reset button pressed until the screen powers on, and the indication that the device is entering "Recovery Mode"

If your system's hardware is intact, the screen should turn on and indicate that it has entered "Recovery Mode". If the screen still does not show any information, this is a good indicator of a hardware issue, and an RMA will need to be initiated. Please contact our support team at

The device will search for a USB or SD card. Since none are plugged in, the device should reset itself. 

If the reset does not happen automatically, simply power cycle the device.
If the soft reset succeeds, your device should power back on normally and your stream back to normal

Attempt 2 - Factory Reset and Firmware Reset

If the soft reset is unsuccessful, a factory/firmware reset will be necessary.

Before you get started, you will need a blank USB drive. 

  1. Download the file at the following link on a computer:
  2. Make sure the downloaded file is named:
    The file must have this exact name in order for this process to work
  3. Move this file from the laptop to your USB drive. Once again, ensure this file is the only file on the USB drive, and is named exactly as above.
  4. Insert the USB drive in the USB port of the 7GX encoder while it is powered off
  5. Use a paperclip or thin object to push in the reset button on the back of the device, located next to the power switch.
  6. With the reset button still pressed, turn on the 7GX encoder or plug the power back in.
  7. Keep the reset button pressed until the screen powers on, and the indication that the device is entering "Recovery Mode"
  8. With the USB drive connected, the device should find the firmware file and begin the restoration process.
  10. Once the process is completed, your 7GX encoder should reboot normally, with the standard factory configuration

Step 1 - Power up and connections

Power and internet connection

Ensure your 7GX encoder is powered up, with the modem connected. This operation requires a valid and active SIM card with an active data plan.

The display on the device must also show the following icon in the top left corner.

This icon appears when a modem is connected to the 7GX encoder and has succesfully connected to a wireless network. However, it is not a full-proof method of determining if the SIM card has an active data plan. Any valid SIM card, whether on an active wireless plan or not, will connect to it's assigned network, and display the symbol above. However, for this process to succeed, the SIM card must have an active data plan through your service provider, and this plan must allow for hotspot data.

Attempting to generate a new code without an active internet connection such, as the one described above, will fail.

Please see our other support articles if you need assistance making sure your SIM card is correctly installed, APN settings are correct, and your Node modem correctly plugged in. 

    Step 2 - Generating an access code

    Once Step 1 is completed, use the black joystick on the right side of your device to navigate the menus as per the instructions below:

    1. Scroll left on the joystick to access the "Main Menu"
    2. Scroll down 6 times on the joystick until "Cloud Setup" is highlighted
    3. Press down on the joystick to enter the "Cloud Setup" menu
    4. With the default factory settings, the 7GX device will indicate "None"
    5. Press down on the joystick with "None" highlighted, and select "Core" from the list.
    6. The device will change it's settings, and show more fields to connect to Core.
    7. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and highlight the "[Login]" button

    While in the "Cloud Setup" menu, after performing the steps above, the "[Login]" button should be highlighted. Follow the steps below to generate a new code.

    1. Press down on the joystick with "[Login]" highlighted
    2. A message displaying "Getting Code" will appear

    The next steps will help in determining if your device has an active internet connection.

    No Connection Successful Connection
     If the "Getting Code" message disappears, and the screen returns to the "Cloud Setup" menu with the "[Login]" button highlighted, this always means that the device was not able to connect to the internet to generate a new code. Before further diagnosis, the connection issue will have to be resolved through one of the following options:
    • Connect the modem to a Windows computer, while disabling all other internet connections (Wi-Fi, Ethernet,...), and attempt to establish a connection through the modem. (Further assistance on this point is beyond the scope of GPX Stream support, but information can be found online)
    • Try with a different, known-good SIM card inserted in the modem
    • Swap the modem with another, known-good modem and SIM card.

    If the device has an active internet connection, the screen on the device will now show:
    Dev. Code: XXXXX


    When the authorization code appears on screen, please communicate it to your support agent. Keep your device online.

    The support agent will use the code provided to reconnect your device to GPX Stream servers, and instruct you to follow Step 4 below.

    Step 3 - Selecting a company

    Once your support agent reconnects your device using the code you provided, the display on the 7GX encoder will change and display a list of companies.

    1. In the list provided, use the joystick to scroll down to the list item labeled "GPX STREAM LLC"
    2. With the correct company highlighted, press down on the joystick to select it.
    3. Advise your support agent that Step 4 is completed, and keep your device powered on.

    With your device reconnected to our servers, our support agent will verify that all settings are correct, and that your device is configured on the correct server. 

    Upon completion, the support agent will advise that power can be turned off to the system.