7GX Support

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System Overview

Detailed overview of the GPX Stream system and all it's components

Typical Installation

Step by steps instructions on mounting, wiring, and configuring your GPX Stream system.

Core TV Overview

Description of the Core TV app and service

Core TV - Getting started

Step-by-step guide for using Core TV for the first time

Core TV - Logging in

Instructions and tips for logging in to Core TV when encountering errors, failed, or expired logins.

International Use - APN Settings

Instructions for configuring your APN for using your device outside of North America

Advanced Support

Overview of advanced support articles

Generating a new authorization code

This article will go through the required steps to disconnect your 7GX encoder from GPX Stream servers and reconnect it. This may be required if your device loses connection to our servers and is unable to reconnect automatically, or if the credentials expire after multiple months of a system being offline.

Performing a firmware reset

In very rare cases, your device may become unresponsive, with a blue light being present in the back of the device, but a blank LCD screen. Performing a firmware reset may restore functionality if there are no hardware issues with the device.